Regular Full and Part Time Positions

Any candidate selected by the hiring department will be required to successfully complete the pre-employment process outlined below before being hired.

Background Check
Candidates sign a release form authorizing the City to conduct a background check.  Upon receipt of the signed release, the candidate will receive an email from Employment Screening Resources which will include a link and instructions for entering information into their system to start the process.

Fingerprints and Criminal Background Check
All persons to be employed by the City are fingerprinted at the Department of Public Safety to check for past criminal convictions.  A conviction history will not necessarily disqualify an applicant from appointment; however, failure to disclose conviction history will result in refusal of employment or termination. Information obtained will be confidential.

Driving Record
If the job that you applied for requires you to drive, a copy of your driving record will be obtained from the DMV.

Reference Check
The City will contact your current and former employer(s) to acquire information about your employment history.

Conditional Job Offer
Upon successful completion of the above steps, you will receive a Conditional Job Offer to sign and return, along with the City’s Drug Policy and Drug Test Acknowledgment/Consent Forms.

Medical Examination, including Drug Testing
Each job classification has specific physical standards that are reasonably related to job requirements and all candidates will be drug tested.   (Note:  Positions which are covered by the Department of Transportation regulations are required to submit to a pre-employment drug test and to random drug and alcohol testing after employment.)   After a candidate completes the pre-employment physical, the City is notified only that the candidate is medically qualified, conditionally qualified or disqualified; no other medical information is released.

Appointment Letter
Upon satisfactory completion of the pre-employment process listed above, you will receive a final offer of employment.