Casino Mitigation

While the City did not approve the casino project, we have sought to protect our quality of life from the impacts of a nearby casino.

We have worked with the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria ("Tribe") to minimize the impacts on our residents and businesses. While this project will have an impact on our community, we can and we will retain the sense of community we all share here in Rohnert Park.

The City brought together an interdepartmental task force to identify and mitigate impacts of the casino project on our community. The City's Casino Mitigation Task Force identified numerous mitigation measures and are working on implementing them. Their focus areas included traffic, zoning issues, public safety, loss of City revenue, and public information. Below is a listing of some, but not all, mitigation activities taken to date.

Public Safety
  • Added two additional Public Safety Officers in the Patrol Division
  • Added a Public Safety Sergeant and three Public Safety Officers in a specialized Community Oriented Problem Solving ("COPS") Unit, focusing on gangs; drugs; transients; prostitution; and parolees/probationers released from State prison
  • Added a Public Safety Sergeant and Officer in the Traffic Unit
  • Added a Crime Analyst
  • Added two Public Safety Officers to staff a quick response vehicle to respond to fire and medical-aid calls for service
  • Added a Code Enforcement Officer
  • Rohnert Park Expressway Overlay Project from Snyder Lane to State Farm Drive
  • Snyder Lane Project from Southwest Boulevard to San Francisco Way
  • Snyder Lane Project from Keiser Avenue to Moura Lane (programmed and in design currently)
  • Traffic monitoring and signal timing
  • Directional signs
  • Restriping on Rohnert Park Expressway overcrossing
Zoning Issues
Improved regulations regarding:
  • Taxis
  • Pawn shops
  • Massage businesses
  • Adult businesses
  • Marijuana
Lost Revenue
  • Repaid over $10 million to the City in lost property and sales tax as a result of land in the Northwest Specific Plan Area being purchased by the Tribe
  • Funding Economic Development to ensure diversification of the local economy to offset the impacts of the casino
Other Mitigation Activities
  • Funding problem gambling treatment services
  • Highway 101 litter removal
  • City entrance beautification

 We welcome input from the community regarding casino impacts. We have a voicemail phone number 588-2264 and an email [email protected] where residents can voice their concerns.

Below are links to the agreements and State Compact which govern the funding to mitigate the impacts of the casino.