Water Rates effective 1/1/2024 - Resolution 2022-20
Water rates eff 1.1.2024  
Water for fire suppression systems using automatic sprinklers and which systems have a direct and separate connection to a City water main in any commercial building or structure shall be furnished at the above rates.

During periods of mandatory water restriction, City Council may also enact the below, approved Temporary Water Shortage Surcharge Structure.

General Information

Rules and Regulations Regulating the Sale of Water - Ordinance 910

Water Conservation Ordinance 885

Water is coming under increasing Federal regulations, especially as it relates to fisheries. These regulations put pressure on cities, such as Rohnert Park to conserve water, as that helps protect local fish habitats. Water meters have proven to be one effective tool to promote water conservation. Further, by metering water usage, the City can accurately and with good reason bill residents for their usage and reward customers who conserve water. The City of Rohnert Park's water resource provided through our well system and the Sonoma County Water Agency water supply, primarily from Lake Sonoma. Since 1956, Rohnert Park has relied on a system of wells supplemented by one million gallons of county aqueduct water a day to meet its water needs. Rohnert Park's well system is becoming more expensive to operate, and our growing population is taxing it. As a result, Rohnert Park has increased its draw from the county aqueduct to 15 million gallons a day. We will continue to use some well water, but in the near future, most of our water will come from the county aqueduct.