Development Services

The Development Services Department provides a range of services that significantly affect the physical environment and the quality of life enjoyed by City residents.  The Department reviews all development applications to ensure consistency with community standards and protection of public health and safety, and ensures that new capital projects are designed and constructed to meet community needs and expectations.

The Department is responsible for the following community-related functions and services:

  • Planning - Processes all development applications and oversees all design review approvals and administers and enforces the Zoning Ordinance.  This Division is also responsible for drafting new or updated City Ordinances and prepares amendments to the City of Rohnert Park General Plan. 
  • Building - Performs plan checks, issues Building Permits, and provides inspection services for building construction and electrical, plumbing and mechanical installations.
  • Engineering - Reviews all proposed land development projects in the City, issues encroachment permits, and executes the design and construction of public projects such as streets, water and sewer infrastructure, and public buildings.
  • Code Compliance - Works in partnership with the citizens of Rohnert Park to promote and maintain a safe and desirable living and working environment, improving the quality of Rohnert Park neighborhoods and business community through education, enforcement and abatement.