Conflict of Interest Filings

Conflict of Interest Code

As required by the Political Reform Act (Gov. Code, § 81000 et seq.), the City of Rohnert Park has adopted a conflict of interest code.

Statement of Economic Interests - Form 700

The Political Reform Act requires certain public officials to disclose their personal financial information on a Statement of Economic Interests, Form 700, so the public may review that information and be knowledgeable that the official is not using his/her decision making authority to affect his/her personal financial interests. The financial disclosure obligations of the City Council, City Manager, City Treasurer/Finance Director, City Attorney, and City Planning Commissioners are set forth in the Political Reform Act, which requires officials in these positions to file a Statement of Economic Interests Form 700 no later than April 1st of each year. City employees in classifications that are designated in the City’s conflict of interest code also file a Statement of Economic Interests Form 700. A Statement of Economic Interests Form 700 is also filed when the official takes office and leaves office.

The filing of financial disclosure forms are managed through the Office of the City Clerk.