Business Reuse Programs
  • Creative Re-Use / North Bay
    (707) 546-3340

    Collects and warehouses manufacturing scraps, seconds and surplus materials as well as excess/obsolete supplies, equipment, some building materials, and furniture and makes these discards available to schools, nonprofits and other organizations.
  • Sonoma County's Materials Exchange (SonoMax)

    (707) 565-3375
  • The goal of SonoMax is to find reuse and recycling opportunities for non-hazardous materials local businesses typically discard. An Available and Wanted listing flyer is distributed quarterly to those on the mailing list and the listings are also available by visiting the SonoMax website. SonoMax is a local version of the statewide program CALMAX.

Business recycling program for agriculture

  • Agricultural plastic pesticide/chemical containers recycling days (707) 565-2371

    Twice annually, spring and fall, agricultural materials are accepted for free for recycling. These special recycling days are open to growers, nurseries, pest control businesses, golf courses, parks and government agencies. This program is sponsored by the Sonoma County Agricultural Commissioner's Office, Sonoma County Integrated Waste Division, and Ag Plastic Recycle.

Business Recognition Programs

  • Sonoma Green Business Program (707) 565-2481

    The Sonoma Green Business certificate is awarded to auto repair, body shops, winery and graphic arts industries recognized for environmental compliance, pollution prevention and resource conservation.

  • W.R.A.P. Waste Reduction Awards Program (916) 255-2497

    Sponsored by the Integrated Waste Management Board, W.R.A.P. awards are given to California businesses recognized for their outstanding waste diversion efforts. To learn more about W.R.A.P. and previous winners, visit the Board's website .