Adult Lap Swim & Fitness

Lap Swim is a great cardiovascular exercise for adults of all ages. In order to receive the full benefits and enjoyment of lap swim, it is important that all participants respect other swimmers and abide by all pool rules.

  • Lap swim is for exercise purposes only. 
  • Please be considerate of swimmers already swimming and enter a lane with swimmers of similar speed.
  • If there are more than two people in a lane, we encourage participants to circle swim. If swimmers are unsure which lane to enter, please consult with lifeguard staff to find an appropriate lane.
  •  Water walking or treading is permitted during Lap Swim in designated areas of the pool.




Discount Pass (10 swims)

Monthly Sports and Fitness Membership Package
(includes unlimited lap swim)

Adult 18+



$36.00 per month

Senior 60+



$25.00 per month




*Monthly memberships may be purchased through the Callinan Sports & Fitness Center located at 5405 Snyder Lane