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Supplemental Medical Plans to Medicare - United American or Kaiser Permanente Senior Advantage Benefit Summaries:

Supplemental Medical Plan Rates (United American and Kaiser Permanente Senior Advantage):

Split Plan Rates - 1 member enrolled in a Supplemental Medical Plan + 1 member enrolled in a Retiree Medical Plan under age 65:

Medical Retiree Rate Plans Under Age 65 - Kaiser, REMIF, Sutter. 

Premiums have increased for the Plan year.  Your cost is based on the plan/formula that you retired under per your MOA. 
If you are unsure which rate plan you fall under, please email [email protected] or call (707) 588-2215

Kaiser Health Plans:

HMO Plan - Understanding your costs; copay or coinsurance

High Deductible Health Plan - Health Savings Account - Understanding your costs

REMIF (Anthem BlueCross) Health Plans:
Anthem BlueCross Network - Find a Doctor (Instructions)

REMIF (Anthem BlueCross) Health Plans Grid

Sutter Health Plans:
Sutter Health Plus - Great Coverage Guide

Delta Dental and Vision