Meet Our Instructors

Sherry Photo

Sherry Blanchard
I have been teaching belly dance classes, at the community center, since 2005. In 2008, I cofounded a professional dance troupe, WildCard BellyDance. Our troupe has traveled internationally performing and teaching workshops.  I love sharing our unique form of cued group improvisational belly dance. What sets it apart is that it is based on a cued movement vocabulary, not choreography. By the end of a 6-week session we start dancing in small groups. I love seeing the smiles, on the last day of class, as students realize they are dancing together improvisationally. One of my top priorities is making my classroom a safe place for everyone to feel empowered and confident.  I look forward to seeing you on the dance floor.


Petaluma School of BalletPetaluma School For Ballet Photo

Petaluma School of Ballet has taught dance to children in Sonoma County since 1959.  We offer ballet and tap classes to children aged 2 through 8 years old through the Rohnert Park Recreation department on Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon.  Our Tuesday morning classes are currently taught by Zoura O’Neill. and Thursday afternoon by Samantha Puget.  Both Ms. Zoura and Ms. Samantha have taught for more than  20 years at Petaluma School of Ballet and they bring a wealth of dance knowledge to children through structured and fun weekly classes.  Both instructors use song and story-telling with a variety of music.  Children learn rhythm through clapping and listening while having lots of fun.  Further information on Petaluma School of Ballet class instructors can be found at

Alex Photo

Alek Cordeiro- Portuguese Futbol Academy

Portuguese Futbol Academy presents Youth Soccer Classes with the Rohnert Park Community Services Department. Alek combines his BA in psychology + his love for soccer to develop the youth on and off the field. Classes are beginner friendly and accommodate all levels of skill. This class will be for ages 18 months – 5 years old.

Brian Photo

Brian Dixon

I have been coaching/teaching junior players since 1998. My program started at Petaluma Valley Athletic Club and moved to the Callinan Sports Center in 2018. The class is about fun and learning the basics of the game. Safety and sportsmanship are emphasized. Each week grows from the previous week. We have had as young as 6 years old and as old as 18 years old.  Some players have taken the class to the next step, competing in tournament locally, statewide, nationwide, and also the World Championships. In 2022, Heather Mahoney and Ava Naworski were the national High girls doubles champions and Heather won three Gold medals at the Junior Nationals. I have lived in Sonoma County since 1993 and grew up in Novato. Aside from coaching kids in Racquetball I spent 10 years on the board of directors of COTS in Petaluma, serving as President 2005-2008.

Jyoti McCall Jyoti Photo

Jyoti McCall is a local Rohnert Park artist and business owner. She received her BA in Jewelry/Metalsmithing form Cal Poly Humboldt.  There, she enjoyed studying a wide variety of art forms including drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, and jewelry/metalsmithing.  Jyoti first became interested in teaching while working as a lab assistant in the jewelry lab in college.  She helped students with their projects during open lab hours.  Throughout the years, she has volunteered as an art teacher at a local elementary school and has been offering art classes through the Rohnert Park Community Center for the past few years.  Jyoti enjoys creating art with both children and adults, helping everyone to find their own artistic expression.

Amanda Kearney PhotoAmanda Keaney

My name is Amanda Keaney and I’ve been teaching Dancercise in Rohnert Park for over ten years.  I joined this amazing community in 2007 as a student in Pam Stafford’s morning class before transitioning to teaching in 2012 after the birth of my fourth son.  Dancercise has been a constant through life’s busy ups and downs and over the years I’ve jokingly referred to it as my “happy pill.”  My teaching style is based on the idea that exercise should be fun, challenging and leave you wanting more.  In short, I teach the kind of class I’d like to take.  I love the energy of group classes and the shared sense of accomplishment.  To that end Pam and I work as a team to create routines that are both adaptable and exhilarating so that you can walk out after each class feeling better than when you walked in.  I currently teach our Monday, Wednesday and Saturday classes, so grab your mat and join me for some fun!

Anthony Krupa- Rohnert Park Tennis Club InstructorAnthony Photo

Anthony Krupa is a USPTA certified Tennis Professional with over seven years of coaching experience across all ages and skill levels, including both junior and adult tournament players. Whether you're stepping on the court for the first time, want to get back in the swing of things, or are looking to take your game to that next level, Anthony's coaching is principled on focused reflection, goal-setting, and enjoying your time on the court. As a former top junior player from Michigan, Anthony has a detailed understanding of the expectations, technique, and experience required to play tennis at a competitive level while maintaining a positive environment to grow and his work with USTA teams have yielded successes at the regional, state and national levels in both doubles and singles.

Molly and Miriam Photo

Miriam & Molly Pengel

Current pickleball instructors at Sunrise Park in Rohnert Park. Mir and Molly help run the Pickleball Clinics that take place twice a week at Sunrise. Both Molly and Miriam come from athletic backgrounds and have coached for a combined 35+ years. This coaching includes grammar school, middle school, high school, adult leagues and Police leagues. The Pengel sisters have the knowledge base, skills, temperament and determination to make their students of the game become athletes of the game. Years of success in coaching has been a staple in both Pengel sisters' lives. They are happy to share with others the love of the game and enjoy giving back so others can love the game too.

Laurie Photo

Laurie Phillips

I was first drawn to Yoga in 2016 to gain back the strength I lost after cancer treatment. I did eventually gain back my strength, but I also gained so much more. I discovered that Yoga is medicine for the mind, body, and soul. It changed my life, and I am passionate about sharing what I have learned with others who seek health and well-being. I completed my yoga teacher training with therapeutic essentials in 2020. My classes are gentle and move slowly and I encourage students to modify according to what feels best in their body. I provide a safe and supportive environment and offer teachings for people with all abilities.

Randy Photo

Randy Snyder

Randy Snyder got hooked on throwing pots while in high school and kept throwing them through his college years and part-time afterward, while trying various career avenues. He finally decided that the thing he loved to do was pottery and has been a full-time artist and teacher for the last 33 years. Raku Pottery is his main focus.  Randy started showing his work at Art and Wine Festivals throughout the Bay Area and Coastal California as early as 1992. Randy has been recognized and received awards in several counties as well as at the California State Fair. Randy has been involved with Rohnert Park Community Center, teaching pottery classes and running open studios. He also manages the Ceramic Studio at the Rohnert Park Community Center. His work is on permanent display at the Artisans’ Co-op in Bodega, CA and Upstairs Gallery in Healdsburg.

Shayna Photo

Shayna Overly

Shayna has been an instructor at Rohnert Park Community Center since 2018. Shayna’s fitness journey took off after a tiny case of  "baby blues."  She found a studio with dance and group fitness classes that really lifted her heart and soul! Shayna started teaching dance classes, then in 2017, certified as a PiYo Live Instructor to provide group fitness classes for the Rohnert Park community. During the pandemic, Shayna certified in WARRIOR Rhythm and WARRIOR Strength. In 2021, Shayna became a Certified Group Fitness Instructor through AFAA, and in 2023, she will be an AFAA G.E.A.R. Indoor Cycling Instructor. As a Group Fitness Instructor, Shayna’s goal is to help inspire positivity, encourage confidence, and boost mental, and physical well-being through movement!

Pam Stafford Photo

Pam Stafford

Exercise and sports have been a part of my life since my youth. I was trained by Jackie Sorensen who invented “aerobic dancing.” I moved to Rohnert Park and when the community center opened 43 years ago, I began teaching the program I created as Dancercise. Dancercise has evolved over the years as exercise has changed. It now includes cardio, dance, core and stretching. Dancercise is beneficial and fun for people of all ages. I currently have individuals from 15 to 90 years old. Tell me another class that has a 90-year-old holding a one-minute plank! I feel lucky to have taught all these years. Not only has it been fun and kept me in incredible shape but I have met some of the nicest people. On a personal note, my husband and I raised three children in Rohnert Park and I have been mayor three times.

Sue PhotoSue Stubblebine

Sue Stubblebine started as a student in the War on Sags and Bulges exercise class. The first week she was sore and hated it. The second week, hooked. During the next two years, Sue gained core strength, improved her stamina, and learned how to coach others. Sue’s passion for helping others, along with her deep knowledge of body mechanics, allowed her to seamlessly transition into teaching when her instructor retired. For over 30 years now, Sue tirelessly teaches four days a week, pushing everyone in her class to work their hardest while also adjusting exercises as needed for individuals. Under her leadership, the class has become more than a place to exercise. Sue fosters a fun-loving and supportive community where all are welcome to laugh, cry, and sweat together. When Sue isn’t waging war on sags and bulges, she loves gardening, sewing wedding gowns, and spoiling her grandchildren.

Gary Photo

Gary Friedman

-4 years high school competition at Aragon High School

-2 years on a co-ed exhibition acrobatic team at College of San Mateo

-3 years college competition at S. F. State University 

-5 years judging competitive gymnastics at universities, high schools and clubs

-Started coaching in January 1973

-6 Basic gymnastics classes

-1 Basic 2 gymnastics class

NaoA Photo

National Academy of Athletics

The National Academy of Athletics staff consists primarily of a variety of local current and ex student athletes & coaches. We are not just teaching kids how to play sports; we have been entrusted by their parents to teach them important life skills to help them to be successful on and off the field of competition. We create a safe, engaging, active space for kids to learn, grow, connect, and play. Over 400,000 “Happy Campers" have participated in our programs. Through inspiration, motivation, and perspiration, we believe sports bring out a positive change in every participant. 

Tina PhotoTina Tuttle

My name is Tina Tuttle & I have lived in Rohnert Park for 31 years. I have been married to my husband for 35 years & we have 3 children. I started taking pottery at the Rohnert Park Community Center & then to fused glass class in 2011. I was hooked! My love for Fused & Kiln Formed Glass has moved as far as to talk & share with my family, friends, & all that will & would be interested. I was offered the opportunity to teach in 2022 when our teacher moved out of state. I was so excited to have this opportunity to move from student to teacher. This art form has helped many people through some difficult times as art is therapy. We joke about this in class because we are spending time together doing art which takes us away from our troubles & lifts  us up & away into a wonderful, healthy & beautiful way of creating our own unique pieces in class using Glass.



IncrediFlix summer programs are focused on expanding imagination and creativity using hands-on activities. All activities require a hefty amount of thought and teamwork, and all activities make learning interesting and fun. In all of our program’s children will learn brainstorming, story structure, storyboarding, and several other creative skills. The instructors act as guides for the students, so the students complete each step of the creative process themselves. Tobin started IncrediFlix in 2005 and has been running these programs for 18 years now. IncrediFlix currently works with over 100 Organizations to provide their programs in 8 states. All IncrediFlix instructors have experience working with kids and are typically film majors or professionals in the film industry. Additionally, IncrediFlix instructors must complete a live training along with an online training. We provide a detailed curriculum for all of our classes that the instructors must follow.

Chi Chuan Instructor, Mr. Robert ItoRobert Ito

Your instructor, Robert Ito, welcomes students of all ages and fitness levels to join him in the study and practice of Tai Chi Chuan to find balance in the mind, body, and spirit which leads to a healthy flow in your exercise and everyday life. Tai Chi's gentle, low-impact movements improve your fitness, balance, strength, and flexibility, while reducing stress and anxiety. Tai Chi Chuan is considered the supreme study and serious practitioners devote a lifetime to its mastery. Robert Ito, has been studying these arts for 54 years and teaching for 44 years. He learned Tai Chi Chuan Yang from Chinese Master, Professor Bing Fai Lau, who learned from his Tao Master, Tung Fu Li. As an accomplished martial artist, Robert Ito, Renshi provides a unique perspective on practical application of the 108 movements. Robert Ito, is owner and head instructor at ITO’S WHITE TIGER KEMPO KARATE TAI CHI CHUAN in Novato.