Development Activity

The Planning Division coordinates the City's review of residential, commercial, office and industrial development projects.  This includes working with property owners, developers, business owners, and residents to ensure that their development proposals conform to City policies and guidelines.

The following are links to information about several current development projects that are either in the pipeline or have been recently entitled.  A complete list of development activity that was applied for in 2021 can be found in the 2021 Development Activity Report.

Current Planning Applications

Old Caz at SOMO Village

Old Caz Beer (West County Brewing Co. Inc.) proposes to expand its operations to 1500 Valley House Dr. Suite 110 with the construction of a tasting room and small production area. The 3,097 sq. ft. tasting room will incorporate a small fast, casual style kitchen and prep area where a supplemental menu will be available when catered food isn't provided. A self-contained, conditioned storage space will be used to house kegs for storage and serving. Inside the tasting room, a sectioned off area will house several 12' tall, 600 gallon fermentation tanks used in production. Primary production will continue at the facility on State Farm Dr. while the SOMO Village location will be used for fermentation and packaging.
Approved Projects Under Construction

Residences at Five Creek

Residences at Five Creek - Cambria
The Residences at Five Creek project is located within the Stadium Area Master Plan (SAMP), a 32.8 acre site and the former location of the Sonoma County Crushers Baseball Stadium. A portion of the SAMP has been developed with the Fiori Estates and The Reserve apartment complexes. The Five Creek project is composed of a 135 unit apartment complex, 0.65 acre park, 132 room hotel and 34,300 sf shopping center, located on the northerly 12.65 acres of the site. The project’s tentative map also creates an approximately 2.7 acre parcel that will be developed by the City as a fire station and a corporation yard. The Planning Commission approved a Preliminary Development Plan for this project in May 12, 2016 and conducted a joint study session with the Park and Recreation Commission on June 8, 2016 to identify the preferred location, configuration and improvements for the proposed park.

An environmental impact report (EIR) was prepared for the original Stadium Area Master Plan, but its analysis, particularly for air quality and greenhouse gas emissions, did not adequately address current legal and regulatory requirements.  A subsequent MND was prepared (see below) which closed on December 8, 2016.

The project entitlements for recommendation to the City Council were approved by the Planning Commission on December 22, 2016.  On January 10, 2017, the City Council approved the following entitlements for the Residences at Five Creek project:

Residences @ Five Creek Apartment Complex
Residences @ Five Creek Cambria Hotel
Residences at Five Creek Final Development Plan
Resolution 2017-008 - Mitigated Negative Declaration/Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program
Resolution 2017-009 - General Plan Amendment
Resolution 2017-010 - Master Plan Amendments-Final Development Plan-Conditional Use Permit
Resolution 2017-011 - Tentative Parcel Map
Notice of Intent to Adopt a Mitigated Negative Declaration - Stadium Area Master Plan Amendment, Residences at Five Creek and City Public Safety/Public Works Facilities
Initial Study - Stadium Area Master Plan Amendment, Residences at Five Creek and City Public Safety/Public Works Facilities
 - Initial Study Appendix A - Final Development Plan
 - Initial Study Appendix B - Air Quality & Greenhouse Gas Emissions
 - Initial Study Appendix C - Traffic Impact Study
 - Initial Study Appendix D - Preliminary Jurisdictional Delineation

Bella Creek (Avram House)

Avram House Apartments

The Avram House apartment project is located within the Central Rohnert Park Priority Development Area (PDA).  Approved by the Planning Commission in March 2017, the Avram House project will provide for 90 residential units spread between five residential buildings ranging in height from three to four stories.  This project will take advantage of the affordable housing density bonus allowed by state law;  in exchange for seven affordable housing units, the density bonus increases the number of units allowed on the site by 32.5%, allows for a reduction in setbacks, and reduces the amount of required parking.

The Avram House project will also feature varied strategies to reduce its environmental impact - particularly related to air quality and greenhouse gases.  Included are:  electric vehicle charging stations, pedestrian and bicycle amenities, energy efficient building design, solar panels, onsite storm water detention and filtration,  and other provisions to offset the carbon footprint of the project.  

The project will include numerous amenities that will lend to its attractiveness to tenants and truly make it an asset for the neighborhood and the wider community.  A large pool and cabana area is tucked within the protected space created by the C-shaped building on the western end of the project.  Outdoor grilling space will be provided along with ample landscaping.  To facilitate its attractiveness to commuters using alternative forms of transit, this project has indoor bike storage (rather than just exterior bike racks) that will allow residents to keep their bicycles in a secure and dry area.  Convenient, well-lit access to the Copeland Creek Trail will also be provided from the project site.

Bella Creek (Avram House) - Site Plan and Architectural Review
Bella Creek (Avram House) - Resolution No. 2017-08