Homelessness is one of the most challenging issues facing Rohnert Park and communities throughout the country. It is highly complex, and cities alone cannot solve the challenge. On any given night, there are about 129 individuals experiencing homelessness in Rohnert Park and 2,951 County-wide, with 22,000 more living at high risk of becoming homeless. Of the nearly 3,000 homeless individuals in Sonoma County, 87% are originally from Sonoma County. For more information on individuals experiencing homelessness, visit our Stats page here.

Characteristics of Individuals Experiencing Homelessness:
     - Have Nots – These individuals do not have the resources to be housed, most commonly income. Many benefit from low-income housing and programs that provide short-term financial assistance to help them get into a home of their own.

     - Can Nots – These individuals often suffer from complex medical problems including mental illness, physical disability and/or drug or alcohol addiction that keeps them from finding housing or living safely on their own. This group tends to benefit from long-term assistance that can help them maintain stable housing with support.

     - Will Nots – These are who choose to not enter shelter or housing even if it is available.

Homelessness Roundtable
The City is convening a monthly meeting to engage community members who want to be part of the solution to homeless in Rohnert Park. Learn more about the Homelessness Roundtable here.