Alarm System Registration

Rohnert Park Alarm Registration Application

Effective July 1, 2019 the City of Rohnert Park revised Municipal Code 9.65 Alarm Systems as follows:

9.65.040 - Penalty for false alarms

1 false alarm per calendar year:                                 $0

2nd false alarm in calendar year:                                $50.00

3rd false alarm in calendar year:                                 $100.00

4th and more false alarms in calendar year:               $150.00 per each occurrence afterwards

9.65.050 – Grace Period

30 days grace period for newly installed alarms for false alarms and to register your alarm with the city.


9.65.070 – Alarm System Registration Required by January 31 of each year.

New applications -                                                      $30.00

Renewals                                                                    $15.00

At this time, the city is not able to take online payments.  You can either fill this form out online, print it out and mail a check to, or make payment in person at the below location.  Credit cards, cash and checks accepted.    

     City of Rohnert Park
130 Avram Avenue
       Rohnert Park, CA 94928

All alarm systems shall be installed in accordance with all applicable standards and requirements of the building code and applicable established standards as required by City Code.

It is a Misdemeanor for any person to install, possess, operate, use, service, or maintain any alarm system without a valid permit. In addition, permits are non­transferable.

Permits issued pursuant to this division shall be renewed annually.

Any change in ownership in a business shall require a new permit.

The permittee shall be responsible for any service, test, repair, maintenance, adjustment or installation which might actuate a false alarm on a particular alarm system.

Alarm Registration and Billing FAQs

  • Why did the City change the penalty for False Alarms?

    Public Safety responds to an average of 1660 alarm calls each year, all of which are considered urgent.  That’s about 4-5 each day. Of those alarm responses, only 22% are actual alarms set off by criminal activity or hazardous situations.  78% of all alarm calls are unfounded.  Many cities have adopted strict false alarm laws in order to inform the public and encourage property and business owner involvement to reduce false alarm responses. 


  • Why do I need to register my alarm?

    Alarm companies do not always have current or complete emergency contact information for the properties with an alarm.  This can lead to officers being unable to access secured properties.  Having your alarm registered with a minimum of two emergency contacts helps us make notifications if the alarm company can’t.  Also, knowing the types of alarms the property has can also make a difference in how officers determine their response to the alarm. 

  • Why am I getting this letter?

    If you’ve received the letter, it’s because Public Safety was notified of an alarm in which police or fire resources were sent and was determined to be unfounded.  The Public Safety department sends letters to notify businesses and residents of the false alarm in order to increase awareness and address any malfunctioning equipment.


  • How much do I actually owe?

    Your first false alarm of the calendar year is free of charge.  After that, the 2nd alarm is $50.00, 3rd alarm is $100 and then $150 for each additional false alarm.  These reset at the start of each calendar year. Your letter should have the number of false alarms listed, but if you’re still not sure, you can call City Hall Finance at 707-585-6760.


  • Where do I send the check?

    Please send payments to City Hall, 130 Avram Avenue, Rohnert Park CA 94928

    If you have a registration form included with your alarm notification letter, please send that to City Hall as well, along with a $30 check for first time registrations, or $15 for renewals.


  • My alarm company has direction to call me before calling the Public Safety department – why did Public Safety get notified?

    Quite often, the alarm company will call Public Safety if they cannot get ahold of the property owner or if the directions on the account are not clear.  We advise periodically checking in with your alarm company to review directions on the account as well as have them service your alarm system annually.


  • What can I do to reduce false alarms?

High winds, power outages and even the daily newspaper toss can set off alarm systems.  We recommend an annual check up of your alarm sensors and working with the technician to set up an alarm system that works into your lifestyle effortlessly.  Have a trusted person as a back up contact who can reset the alarm if you’re not home.  Ensure that sensors are in place and secure.  If you set it off accidentally, call your alarm company first to cancel them, and Public Safety second to ensure we were cancelled.