The City of Rohnert Park's Building Division is charged with enforcement of the Title 24: California Building Standards Codes. These are state laws that regulate the construction of all buildings and structures on private property, and all City owned buildings on city-owned property. The Building Division also administers local municipal ordinances pertaining to building construction. (The Building Division does not have jurisdictional authority for mobile home parks or public schools.)

The Building Division coordinates permit applications and construction requests with the Fire, Planning, and Engineering Divisions and other agencies, in order to ensure the protection of public health. The Building Division reviews and approves plans, issues building permits and conducts inspections of field construction. Upon completion of construction and approval from all overseeing agencies, the Building Division and specifically the Building Official is charged with the issuance of Certificates of Occupancy.

Building permit records and copies of approved plans are kept on file as required by state law. These records are available for public access at the Building Division office. The Building Division is also available to answer any questions regarding Building Division processes, building construction, or building standards code compliance. Numerous guides and guidelines are available online, as well as in the office of the Building Division to help provide additional direction.