Health and Human Services Hub

06/24/2022- City Manager Darrin Jenkins: Health & Human Services Hub
Posted on 06/24/2022
Ensuring the health and safety of every Rohnert Park resident is the City’s top priority. Last month we took a step towards furthering this goal when the City Council approved funds to help build a local Health and Human Services Hub. 

Hubs providing health and human services are typically operated by large non-profits offering  a wide range of services, from career advising to counseling for domestic abuse victims. Rohnert Park currently lacks a social services center and is often overlooked when it comes to basing services here. 

We have identified several potential non-profit and local government partners to collaborate on this effort. We’re currently working on securing the details, and I look forward to sharing when they are available.

Our vision of services offered at a Rohnert Park services center includes counseling, ride-share programs, parenting classes, health insurance assistance, and access to CalFresh (formerly known as Food Stamps). This effort may also allow us to relocate the Specialized Assistance for Everyone (SAFE) program. The program assists in de-escalating situations that don't require intervention from law enforcement. Relocating the program from the Senior Center would give the Senior Center the opportunity to expand services.

Additionally, we would like to find a site for an organization that offers free tax assistance to low income families. 

We are proud to support this project by offering the site at 6250 State Farm Drive, along with start-up funding. This is a city-owned building with available space. We plan to begin with services that can be readily provided, and hopefully expand to offer a broad range over time. We do not yet have an opening date; we hope it will be later this year. 

We look forward to embarking on this new project, and continuing our efforts to support each of our residents. You can learn more about the Health and Human Services Hub plans at