Public Records Request

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For all other non-police/fire related inquiries please complete the below Public Records Request Form. 
Public Records Request Form - Click Here!

You may also print your form and return it via mail to:

City Clerk’s Department
130 Avram Avenue
Rohnert Park CA 94928


Alternatively, you may hand deliver your form directly to the Clerk's Office during 
open office hours. To provide you with a better experience, it is desired that you please call 707-588-2227 or email [email protected] for in person services.

In accordance with the California Public Records Act (“Act”), Govt. Code § 6250 et. seq., the City of Rohnert Park provides access to public records, except those exempt from disclosure by law. Pursuant to the Act, the City has (10) days from receipt of the request to determine whether the request, in whole or in part, seeks copies of disclosable public records in the City’s possession and to notify the requestor of that determination.

In unusual circumstances, the 10-day time limit may be extended by up to 14 days by written notice to the requestor, setting forth the reason for the time extension as required by the Act. If the City determines there are disclosable public records, the records will be made available as promptly as is reasonably practicable. Under Govt. Code § 6253(e) local agencies are under no obligation to create records that do not already exist at the time of the request.

Request for copies of identifiable public record must be accompanied by payment of fees to cover the direct costs of duplication before copies are released. The City’s copying cost is $0.10 per page. Please submit a check or money order made payable to the City of Rohnert Park City Clerk’s Department. Alternatively, records may be emailed to the requestor in electronic format.

There is no charge to inspect or view records. Advanced notice is not required to inspect public records; however, the inspection of records is subject to a rule of reason and must be consistent with the efficient functioning of City offices. It is advisable for any person who wishes to inspect public records to contact the City Clerk's Office to make sure that the records are available. An appointment may have to be scheduled if the records are being used by City staff, if the records must be located and reviewed, when the requested records are stored off site or redaction of confidential information is necessary. In order to prevent records from being lost, damaged or destroyed during inspection, City staff may determine the location of, and may monitor the inspection.

A Pocket Guide to the California Public Records Act provided by The First Amendment Project Society of Professional Journalists (Nor. Cal.).

League of California Cities "The People’s Business: A Guide to the California Public Records Act."