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RFP for Classification and Compensation Study - Due 2PM February 25, 2019
Responses to RFP Questions:

  1. The RFP states there are 120 (90 FT, 30 PT) classifications, yet I counted the list in Attachment D and there were only 107 classifications.  Can you clarify the difference and which number is actually correct?  Our timing and pricing calculations will vary widely from one number to the other so it’s important to know the actual number.
    • Response: The 120 classifications referenced in the RFP were based on the City’s published Pay Rates and Ranges (available on the City’s website
  1. I only saw mention of benefits in Attachment E about the City’s comp philosophy.  Is it safe to assume that “Total Compensation” will be surveyed (i.e., base salary PLUS benefits)?  This was the only place in the RFP I noticed mention of benefits as far as the comp side of the proposal for the study, so just want to make sure benefits ARE to be included for the Comp Study.
    • Response:  Base salary only is requested.
  1. Finally, the RFP indicates “no more than 50 PDQs” but with 235 employees in 120 (or 107) distinct classifications only 50 PDQs can cause very skewed results.  We always recommend 1 PDQ per class (even if there are several people in a given classification) PLUS an allowance for an additional 20% of employees to accommodate those individuals who wish to submit individual PDQs.  Therefore, we need to know if the City is firm about only desiring 50 PDQs or if the City is open to our methodology. 
    • Response: Applicants should provide the best plan in their professional opinion and appropriate justification for their response.
  1. Based on this, I’m wondering if I missed something in reading the RFP and perhaps this is NOT a Citywide study but one that is only looking at one or two of the listed employee groups, which would explain the “no more than 50 PDQs” guideline.  Please clarify.
    • Response: This is a Citywide study.

​About the Bid Process

If you wish to be placed on the City’s bidder/vendor list, please submit a letter with your company information along with the type of materials, services or supplies your company provides. Purchasing will keep your letter on file for future reference. You can submit your letter by clicking the Email address in "Contact Us” or by mail. Purchasing staff information:

  • Submitting bidder/vendor information does not obligate the City to send you bid notifications.
  • The City is not responsible for the confidentiality of information transmitted over the Internet.

Vendors and potential vendors should keep in mind that the City of Rohnert Park’s policy requires that procurement of materials, supplies, equipment, vehicles, services and construction services be done in a manner to encourage open competition through competitive bidding or competitive sealed proposals.

Local Vendor Preference

When applicable the City also provides a one percent (1%) local vendor preference. This preference shall apply to bids that are solicited for services and supplies.


All Contractor’s shall maintain limits no less than: General Liability: two million ($2,000,000) per occurrence for bodily injury, personal injury and property damage. Automobile Liability: two million ($2,000,000) per accident for bodily injury and property damage. Employer's Liability: two million ($2,000,000) per accident for bodily injury or disease. Such policies shall name the City of Rohnert Park, its officers, officials, employees, and volunteers as additional insured. A contractor must furnish a current certificate of insurance and endorsements showing the required coverage and providing for thirty (30) days written notice to the City of Rohnert Park by the insurance company prior to cancellation or any change in policy coverage.


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