Public Hearing Notice - Consider Adoption of a Resolution Updating the
Planning Fee Schedule and Engineering Fee Schedule - City Council Meeting on November 27, 2018


Public Hearing Notice - Consideration of an ordinance amending provisions related to applicability in the Zoning Ordinance, Chapter 17.06, Article XIII: Downtown District Amenity Zone (DDAZ) Overlay Districts, Section 17.06.700.A.2 (Applicability) - City Council Meeting of January 22, 2019

Public Hearing Notice -  Consideration of the following for the Southeast Specific Plan: Amendments to the General Plan, Southeast Specific Plan Amendments, Recission of Final Development Plan approved in 2014, Modification of Tentative Map Conditions of Approval (City Council Resolution No. 2014-166 Exhibit B), Amendments to the Development Area Plan, Development Agreement - Planning Commission Meeting of March 14, 2019.