Program to Help Families with $500 per Month

Program to Help Families with $500 per Month
Utilizing County of Sonoma ARPA funding, First 5 Sonoma County has launched a Guaranteed Basic Income Pilot. There is funding to support 305 households to receive $500 a month for 24 months. 

The pilot program aims to alleviate financial stressors felt by pregnant and parenting families with young children in Sonoma County, particularly those low-income and BIPOC families who were already vulnerable or marginalized prior to the pandemic.

Eligible Households include:
1) Pregnant or have a child aged 0-5 and
2) Have a household income of 185% of the federal poverty level and
3) Have been impacted by COVID-19 and
4) Are a Sonoma County Resident

Households can learn more at https:/

Households can access the application and apply today at