Eureka Day

By Jonathan Spector
August 30 - September 22, 2019

At Eureka Day School, a progressive charter school in Berkeley, all points of view are respected, all voices heard. After all, these parents only want the best for their kids. However, when the issue of vaccinations breaks out like a bad case of chickenpox, tolerance for opposing views undergoes a stress test that is both hilarious and harrowing. Launched last year, the play had the Bay Area buzzing, with the San Francisco Chronicle declaring that playwright Spector “proves as much a master of pathos as of comedy.”

North Bay Premiere
Considerations: Adult language, rapidly moving words on a screen
Directed by Elizabeth Craven

Jeff Cote` as Don
Sarah McKheregan as Suzanne
Eiko Yamamoto as Meiko
Rick Eldredge as Eli Val Sinckler as Carina

Eureka Day

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