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Public Works News page features weekly highlights of maintenance and repair projects around Rohnert Park.

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Week Ending November 30, 2018
Public Works Crews filled several potholes throughout the City this week. Several potholes along Golf Course and Country Club Drives have required repeat filling. Crews also provided sand, empty sandbags, and a shovel at the Community Center for residents to fill sandbags, as needed, through the storm season. More storm season info & resources are available at
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    Week Ending October 26, 2018

    • Public works crews completed maintenance projects around the City this week, including a new coat of paint on Well 11 and the parking lot at the Senior Center. Southwest Boulevard received significant clean-up along the sound wall. Crews set up signage and went to work removing overgrowth to fill 3 bins of debris and an additional 5 yards of chips.
    • Public Works and Community Services staff attended safety training on how to minimize or eliminate exposure to dangerous viruses and bacteria that may be encountered during working activities. 
    • This week, waste water crews removed and repaired a pump at Pump Station 1. Staff rebuilds pumps when necessary to increase life expectancy of pumps and prevent down time.
    • The concrete flooring for the Sports Center Floor Replacement Project is coming out great!  The contractor is polishing the wood joints and will seal them when the concrete is sealed.  We also had the Sports Center logo imprinted in the concrete in front of the basketball court doors!  The project is scheduled to be complete at the end of the day on Friday, October 26, and the reception staff will move back to the lobby area on Saturday.
    • Staff met with the painter regarding the Senior Center Floor project on Tuesday to coordinate the painting of Suite C.  The floor replacement and painting of Suite C will occur next week (Oct 29 – Nov 2) and the floor replacement of the lobby and coffee bar/TV room area will occur the week of Nov 5 – Nov 9.
    • The contractor is starting work on the Senior Center Roof and HVAC Replacement Project on Monday, Oct 29!   

    Week Ending October 19, 2018

    • Recently, staff started seasonal storm preparations. This work includes blowing leaves off medians for natural breakdown as well as pick-up by street sweepers.

    • Public Works staff will begin Christmas light installation on Rohnert Park Expressway the week of November 5th. Traffic control will begin at 9 a.m. each morning and conclude at 2:30 p.m. Traffic will be reduced to one lane in each direction, as crews work from Commerce east to Country Club.

    • A newly purchased trailer was put in to service this week for Parks Maintenance staff. This equipment was needed to accommodate the wide area mower.

    • Public Works Streets completed several improvements at the Senior Center.Staff fabricated and installed a gate for the bin enclosure in an effort to deter unwanted individuals from trespass. ADA Disabled Parking signs were replaced to complete the concrete installation project. Pedestrian Crossing signs were installed and the crosswalk will be striped next week.

    • The contractor started the floor replacement project at the Sports Center earlier this week!  The work is limited to the front lobby area and behind the receptionist desk.  The reception staff is temporary located at the back of the building during construction.  The contractor removed portions of the old carpet and is working on polishing the concrete underneath.  The contractor is planning on working Saturday, October 20 and the work is scheduled for completion on Friday, October 26.

    Week Ending October 12, 2018

    This week, staff completed the installation at the Community Center of the memorial bench and plaque for Jud Snyder.

    Week Ending October 5, 2018

    Landscape crews added fall material to the playgrounds at Meadow Pines Mini and Ladybug Parks. Streets crews replaced signs on Roberts Lake Road, Business Park Drive, and on Bodway Dr.

    Week Ending September 28, 2018

    This week, Public Works crews worked together to repair and install concrete surfaces near the Senior Center. At Well 11, a contractor installed a new pump and motor when the old motor failed. Buildings staff installed a new ADA compliant entry button at Public Safety Main.

    Closing out the week, Dorotea Park restroom is now open. This completes a two-year renovation/rehabilitation project to reopen City park restrooms.

    Week Ending September 21, 2018

         This week, Honeybee Pool was drained as part of an annual pool closure, allowing for major maintenance. Public Works staff cleaned the pool walls and floor, replaced the old water heater, installed new jet nozzles, cleaned filters, and repaired skimmer weirs in preparation for reopening this Saturday.
         Landscape crews completed a major clean-up by cutting back overgrown ivy along the fence line at Sunrise Park. Nearby residents were appreciative of the response as removal increases safety and visibility as well as deters pests.

         Buildings staff replaced the entry carpet at Public Safety Main for a new and improved look. At the Sports Center, new LED lights were installed in the north racquetball court.

    Week Ending September 14, 2018

    Recently, two Stop signs were installed at the corner of Seed Farm and Enterprise Drives. Flags and Changed Conditions Ahead signs were also placed to alert drivers to the new road conditions. Please drive carefully.
    A pre-bid job walk was held Monday regarding the Library Boiler and Controls Replacement Project. Bid opening is September 20.

    Week Ending August 31, 2018

    This week, Public Works crews cleared overgrowth along Copeland Creek, east of Snyder. New garbage/recycle bins were placed near Copeland Creek trail entries, at Commerce and Enterprise Dr. Crews also removed a broken tree limb along Hinebaugh Creek. In Utilities, crews repaired a broken main line on Gary Ct. Progress was made on the Dorotea Park restroom construction project, estimated to be complete by the end of September.

    Week Ending August 24, 2018

    Public Works crews maintenance and repair projects this week included extensive landscaping at Cielo mini park. Overgrowth was cut back, and benches were rebuilt. Ivy was removed from the Senior Center parking lot. At Sunrise Park, crews responded to remove a broken limb from a tree. Invasive tree roots caused an irrigation main line repair at State Farm and Commerce. Fifteen yards of debris was removed from around an abandoned vehicle on Dowdell Avenue. Visitors to City Hall may notice the recent power-washed exterior and replaced lighting.