All fireworks are illegal in Rohnert Park, including "safe and sane" fireworks

Read the Municipal Code here
New legislation details here and here

Up to $1000 fine for violating the fireworks ordinance


All fireworks activities are prohibited in Rohnert Park, including:
  • Manufacturing and/or transportation of any fireworks
  • Possession, storage, sale and use of any fireworks - Except for pyrotechnic displays that have been issued a permit by the State of California
  • Allowing minors to set off fireworks - The adult in charge will be liable
  • Allowing people on property that you rent or own to set off fireworks - The social host will be liable (If you are the property owner/renter, you are called the "social host." If you are the social host, you are required to take steps to prevent people on your property from setting off fireworks. If someone at your party sets off fireworks, you'll receive a fine too.)