Local Hazard Mitigation Plan

A Local Hazard Mitigation Plan (LHMP) is a five-year strategic plan that identifies natural hazards and vulnerabilities. These are analyzed to see how they could affect the city and to identify actions that reduce their impacts. The plan will lead to a safer Rohnert Park.

The City of Rohnert Park's LHMP was reviewed by CalOES in 2018. The previous draft that was approved by City Council required multiple revisions to meet CalOES and FEMA Standards. As of early 2019, the plan has been revised and conditionally approved by CalOES and FEMA. The plan will need to be re-adopted by City Council in order to be fully approved and incorporated. The CalOES and FEMA approved LHMP and appendices can be found below. 

What is the difference between Hazard Mitigation and Emergency Preparedness?

Both hazard mitigation and emergency preparedness are vitally important to protecting lives and property in the event of a natural hazard or disaster. But there are key differences:

• Hazard mitigation is proactive, whereas emergency preparedness is often reactive.

• Hazard mitigation develops actions to reduce or eliminate risk from future hazard events, while emergency preparedness establishes overall concepts to respond to hazard events in the immediate lead up, during, and after a hazard event has occurred.

• Hazard mitigation is a process where steps are recommended to guide a city or jurisdiction in ways that protect public safety, reduce harm to existing and future development, and prevent damage to a community’s economic, cultural, and environmental assets.

The City's Emergency Management Plan can be found here.


One of the key components of hazard mitigation planning is the identification of potential natural hazards and how they may affect the city. An important tool in this process is mapping. Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS), areas that may be vulnerable to specific risks can be delineated, and critical facilities in those areas can be identified.

Please click on the links below in order to view various maps.

2005 Flood Event - Mobile Home Parks
2005 Flood Event
Critical Facilities
Fault Zone
FEMA Flood Hazard Areas
Historic Fires - Pre 2017
Landslide Risk
Liquefaction Risk
October 2017 Fire Event
Shaking Probability
Transportation Network
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